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I want an army of evil robots

Grrr... Wednesday

Oct. 20th, 2009

Fuck you both. Go get hit by a bus. Plzkthnx. :D

Yay me!

I have had one of my kitchen epiphanies and invented a new recipe that has turned out surprisingly well. I was in the mood for cookies and didn't have too many baking supplies on hand. Then I realized that I had frozen pecans in the freezer and thought that, since it finally feels like fall, I would make some nutty autumn spice cookies. And they are yummy! Ph34r my kitchen 5kill5. :D

Oct. 10th, 2009

So I have a hair appointment today and I'm wrestling with two different options. A: I just get a trim and keep the same basic hairstyle or B: and now for something completely different. I just don't know how different I can go considering that I'm not willing to cut my hair short. Le sigh. It amuses me how every time I get a haircut I think about changing it but always leave with the exact same style. Maybe I'm just a creature of habit.
I love it when life hands me opportunities to look down on certain people and laugh. Dude, people are stupid.


So I've suddenly been seized by this urge to revamp everything in my life. Sort of like spring cleaning, but in fall. I'm throwing out all of the useless clutter in my house, cleaning and reorganizing closets and just generally getting shit together. Also, I've been eating much better lately and am losing weight. Squee!!! Not sure if its noticeable yet but I can tell, Brent can tell and its makes me very happy. I feel as though I have come to a point of transition. I'm getting rid of everything from my former life and starting over. It feels fantastic.



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