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F U Hair

There's a reason I alternate between the same three hair styles. Ponytail, bun done with hair band, and bun with bobby pins. But I felt adventurous today and decided to try a french twist. The thing is, my hair doesn't just have issues. My hair has full on psychotic episodes when ever I push it out of its "comfort zone." I mean, if there were Thorazine for hair I would use it. Well, there is Thorazine for hair. Its called Biosilk and its freaking expensive. :( So I spent about 30 min trying to wrestle my hair in to the french twist of submission and about a can of hair spray later it appears to be staying up. Also, it looks nothing like a french twist. Also, breathing hairspray is very very unpleasant. Le sigh.

At least it still looks good... I think.


Late night movies

Had some major insomnia, so I decided to knit and watch a movie. Ended up settling on Beauty and the Beast, which has always been my Disney favorite. It was strange to realize how much I resembled Belle, both in demeanor and appearance. I guess I can empathize with her character a lot. I grew up being considered "the weird one," and was always more interested in books than people. Looks like I have a potential costume for D*Con this year. Not sure if I would look good in yellow/ gold though. I'll see. ;)

This site is awesome

No explaination required


Just made and devoured Roast Chicken basted in and Orange-Tarragon Brown Butter Sauce. I is full.


I feels like craps. It is teh suck.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Also, I hope whoever put up that goddamn BestBuy commercial get slowly roasted over the fires of hell.

F U Flu!

I hate being sick. But at least there is this for amusement.

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The New V

Brent and I just finished watching the second episode of the V remake. Well, I guess you could call it a remake, I would call it a series heavily inspired by V, but that's just me. The second episode has redeemed the show a little. As opposed to the first, which made me cry tears of sci-fi sadness. Its starting to feel a lot more like the original and the plot is finally coming together. Beginning to develop some actual interest in the new characters too. The first left me not caring about any of them. So yeah, its getting better. If it continues to get better, this could turn into a really great new sci-fi show that simply had a rough start. I hope so.


You really have no dignity, do you?


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